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Monday, February 16, 2009

Long time...No Post

It's been a long time since I last blogged. I know you can all relate with a hectic life! Obtaining my master's degree has eaten up most of my free time. In order to catch some of you up on my life here is a rapid fire of the past month's happenings!
It was a pj day for my hubby and I as we reconnected on Valentine's Day! We had simple and traditional gifts of a card and chocolates exchanged and were able to spend some quality time with our good friends Matt and Shelly during the evening. Since they have two children, a two-year old and 2 month old, we grilled out steaks at their house and ended the evening sharing chocolate covered strawberries. Although our V-day traditions have been a romantic dinner for two, this opportunity to be entertained and share time with friends that mean so much to us was delightful.


This is my beautiful new nephew, Hunter. He was born on Christmas Eve's eve. Isn't he just angelic! He loves to grunt. Move him when he is comfortable...grunt, Feed him his bottle...grunt, Talk to him on the phone...grunt, grunt, grunt. I seriously have never met a more "vocal" baby. My niece is such a precious big sister. She is just a little jealous...Valerie, hold me like hunter...Valerie, can I sit in your lap...GIVE ME ALL YOUR ATTENTION! Just kidding, kind of. She is adjusting well though. She likes to help out with him. She loves to hug and kiss him and hold him, all the time. She has my heart!

New Find

I've never promoted a product on my blog before, but I can not resist. I bought this Anew Resurfacing cleanser along with some miracles in a bottle from Avon through my Mom. I must say I have never experienced such a transformation in such little time. Today is only my third day using it and I can already tell a dramatic difference. All of the sun worshiping freckles on my nose have disappeared! Literally they peeled off. Not in an icky, my skin is dry kind of way, but in a my skin is smooth and youthful way. My wrinkles are also less noticeable. I am amazed by this product!

That is not all that has been going on with my life...but just a bit of the sweetness.

One more picture before I end this post. One of my favorite bloggers, LaDue & Crew, posted a few pictures of her adorable new pet. I must say, LaDue yours is cute, but Duncan reigns supreme.

This is his I just woke up, why are you flashing that light on me pose.


LaDue & Crew said...

Hey! You win, your pup is way cuter, lol... too funny!

Wow, me, a favorite..?! You rock , girl! I feel like, pretty special about now, thanks!

Hey, have you looked at your blog lately from it's main page? All your HTML coding is out of whack, and it's real hard to read your page- all of your wording is not staying centered. Take a peek when you get a chance!

LaDue & Crew said...

Ok, I copied a pic of your blog from my screen, but need to email it to you to show you what others see. Email me at , Or, try your link and see if it doesn't come up. It looks way weird!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Ah! There is no way you have least not by photos! I love AVON products too!